Unique boatLUV designed shirts to express your love of the water and all things sailing.

  • The Mindful Sailor

    The Mindful Sailor (14)

    Inspired by our continual seeking of balance through our love of sailing and yoga, this boatLUV exclusive design combines the progression of sailing history through the ages - a reflection of our own personal growth!
  • The Balanced Sailor

    The Balanced Sailor (7)

    From serenity to storms you know within each one, lies the potential of the other. This original boatLUV design helps remind you of the power and awe of Nature, and the deep respect you as the female sailor have for Her. Comes in many styles and colors. Checkout the mugs too!
  • The Peaceful Sailor

    The Peaceful Sailor (6)

    A quiet mind is a clear mind. Practice peace - SHANTI - as you encounter even the most challenging situations on and off the water. Let your sailing spirit be your guide! Many styles and colors are available so start clicking!
  • The Enlightened Sailor

    The Enlightened Sailor (6)

    At the center of the storm is calm and tranquility. These designs are inspired by our love of sailing and yoga and the balance required in both.
  • The Virtuous Sailor

    The Virtuous Sailor (15)

    Confidence, Courage, Cooperation. From Serenity to Resilience - you are the female sailor and embody all of the sailor virtues on and off the water. This is a one-of-a-kind boatLUV design placing all virtues close to your heart. Comes in many styles and colors. Explore!
  • The Loyal Sailor

    The Loyal Sailor (26)

    You know where your loyalties lie! With her! She has taken you on some wild adventures! She comes in all shapes and rigs - cutter, sloop, gaff! More styles coming soon! Also comes in Men's styes and sizes.
  • Sailboat Regatta Series

    Sailboat Regatta Series (9)

    Where the sun kisses the horizon our Sailboat Regatta designs are whimsy and youthful to appeal to your playful sailor spirit.
  • For The LUV of Sailing

    For The LUV of Sailing (24)

    Our signature boatLUV logo design to help you express your love of all things sailing. Comes in many styles and colors to appeal to all female sailors and their crew! Unisex T-shirts, long sleeves and tanks!
  • Happy Mermaid Sailor Series

    Happy Mermaid Sailor Series (14)

    You have been through thick and thin together! You are the mermaid sailor, luver of all things sailing and like our "mascot" Vāyava वायव you belong to the wind! This design comes in many styles and colors for women and men. Kids sizes coming soon! She's also on a mug! Comes with and without boatLUV branding.
  • TDS Designs

    TDS Designs (4)

    These shirts will turn heads and start a conversation! From UV-rash guards to sleek Tees, these photos and prints will not be found on other sites as they are all creations of our own The Desert Sailor (TDS).