Spinlock Automatic Inflatable DeckVest LITE Life Jacket

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Spinlock Automatic Inflatable DeckVest LITE Life Jacket

Spinlock Automatic Inflatable DeckVest LITE Life Jacket Spinlock Automatic Inflatable DeckVest LITE Life Jacket

The Spinlock Deckvest LITE is a lightweight, high performance, USCG-Approved Life Jacket for all offshore activities. Ergonomically designed to sit on the shoulders and neck comfortably for full freedom of movement.  When the life jacket is inflated, it turns unconscious wearers face up and effectively keeps one’s head above water.

Offering a multitude of safety features as well as comfort, Spinlocks Deckvest LITE keeps you moving safely and quickly on your boat and is ideal for situations where a built-in harness, emergency light or sprayhood are not required. An emergency whistle and lifting strap are attached to the bladder for added safety.

Automatic Inflatable The Deckvest LITE is designed to automatically inflate only when water flows upward through the unit which ocean spray or rain running down the jacket will not cause it to prematurely inflate.  You can manually inflate the life jacket with the pull handle on the front and once inflated it the wearer can add or release air with the oral inflation tube.

Rearm your Deckvest LITE with the Spinlock Deckvest LITE Rearming Kit (sold separately).

Key Features:

Very light, comfortable design for use over long periods of time

Compact and unobtrusive for unlimited mobility

Deck safety harness with soft loop safety line attachment point

Single crotch strap with recessed clip for a secure fit

Easy side donning for quick on/off functionality

Reflective trim for increased visibility



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