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Preparedness equals confidence. The more you know, the more you will feel at ease and be able to make sound and wise decisions at sea.  Here are a few resources for women sailors (and their crew) to explore and bookmark!  From books about women sailors to links to women’s sailing associations, clubs and events.  Find them all in one place!  I love contributions and suggestions so, please, send them my way either via email or on facebook or instagram!

Explore Women Sailing Clubs and Events​

The popularity of women sailing is growing! Around the world, women of all levels are finding confidence at the helm through the support and mentorship of those who broke ground before them. Checkout the women sailing clubs and events around the world.


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Master your Knots, study for your Coastal Navigation Exam and more.

Explore the boatLUV Book and Video Library

Sailing books about and for women sailors, essential seamanship manuals, textbooks and sailing movie suggestions!

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